CHALLENGE How can we create awareness in AARP's services and increase memberships?

INSIGHT We see that during the ages of 45-65 is the stage of YOU. At this point you have more control over your time, more money to spend and more wisdom to know what you want.

SOLUTION We want to promote AARP as a community that is all about serving you, it is there to support and enhance this new part of your life, THE YOU STAGE.

No Interruptions Ads
These 2-d ads will be placed in strategic locations in order for our target audience will take notice of them. Each ad shows how in this stage of your life it is common to be interrupted and it is OK that you put yourself first, so that you may do the activities that make you happy.


FitBit and Earn
As we continue the Its Your Turn theme, we wanted to reward members who were indulging in the time you spend getting and staying fit.

Therefore we developed a partnership where AARP and FitBit work together to allow people to earn more discounts. So, the more time you stay fit the more rewards you get savoring them.

Sponsoring activities that allow you to DO YOU.

AARP & TaskRabbit
AARP & TaskRabbit team up to make every second count and spent Doing YOU. This partnership allows you to get some of those pesky tasks off your plate so that you can spend time doing the activities you want to do.