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THE CHALLENGE WCS saves wildlife and wild places worldwide through science, conservation action, and education. However, they need constant financial support to keep going. How can we increase awareness in working people, ages 25+, the importance of Climate Change and Ecosystem Conservation, while also inspiring them to donate to WCS?

INSIGHT People have no urgency when it comes to climate change because they do not think it will affect them in their lifetime or their life style.

THE SOLUTION We created a campaign that visualizes the real effects of climate change and helped people see where our world is heading, if they don’t donate and act now.

We partnered with the Boston Aquarium to create an installation that showcased the most mundane situations and objects on the seabed of the aquarium. This striking image was created to increase donations and make people think about the consequences of their actions.

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Coastal cities like New York and Miami face the most risk from the climate change. To show the rapid rise of sea levels, we created an elevator that visually submerged into water, while a digital display showcased striking climate change milestones. 

The donation kiosk in the lobby encouraged people to donate.


People rarely leave their home without checking the weather first. We tapped into this human behavior and partnered with The Weather App to bring striking weather and climate change alerts straight to your phone.