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INSPIRING ... Your Multi-Adventure Trip

THE CHALLENGE Samsonite is the maker of premium quality suitcases and travel accessories but is struggling in brand awareness and buyers and would like to attract millennials.

INSIGHT Millennials have become crafty at creating “bleisure” trips, or combining business travels with leisure travel.

SOLUTION Highlight that with Samsonite understands this and their premium quality products/services will help female solo travelers make a smooth transition between work and play during their business trips.

CAMPAIGN NAME: Bleisure Babes

The Bleisure Experience 
Samsonite’s airport pop up event will give travelers who are stuck in the airport waiting on a connecting an exciting opportunity to get a taste of the culture, sightseeing, and cuisine of different cities without ever leaving the airport. 

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Bleisure Babes Concierge
During short flight connections, sometimes women want to leave the airport but do not because they do not want to carry around their heavy carry-ons. By scanning their airline ticket, Bleisure Babes Members are able to store their luggage in the locker and receive travel itinerary suggestions based on the amount of time until their connecting flight.


Samsonite X Bumble
A Bleisure Babes membership gives access to the BleisureBabe Connection on the Bumble app, allowing Babes to swipe right on their perfect BFF match for a day of adventure.