INSPIRING ... Relationship Building

CHALLENGE How can we spread awareness about Bumble's expansion to Bumble BIZZ & Bumble BFF?

INSIGHT That it is human nature to desire companionship

SOLUTION We want to promote Bumble BIZZ & Bumble BFF to their existing audience to show it offers more than just lover relationships but also work and friend relationships. We playfully expose the unexpected love found in work and friendship.

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Trivia Cards

Bumble will send cards, For the Love of The BIZZ & For the Love of The BFF, to pairs in order to continue building your relationships. Have FUN!

Examples of possible questions in decks...

For the Love of The BIZZ  

-Who is my favorite Business Icon?

-What are the 3 “Must Do’s” before a major presentation?

For the Love of The BFF

-What is my Favorite show to binge watch?

-Top 3 Celebrity Crushes?