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INSPIRING…Not To Trust General Perceptions

CHALLENGE How do we get visitors to look pasted the common perception of MIAMI…which is a party city/”miami vice” vibe.

INSIGHT Ideas and Moments are more impactful when people are proven wrong. There is a thrill in the rediscovery.

SOLUTION Using the tone of ‘playful mystery’ to rediscover a place people think they know.

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Social Experience

An interactive social experience leveraging influencer audiences to showcase the cultural splendor of Miami. Popular travel influencers like @jo_franco and @theblondeabroad will post close-up images via Instagram of Miami landmarks. To emphasize the hidden gems Miami has to offer, influencers will challenge their followers to guess where they are. The geotag "Where in the World?" will feature close-ups posted from various influencers, making a mosaic of Miami's most breathtaking attractions.


Eat Around The World  

Once the visitors are in Miami and enjoying the campaign launch we will offer an opportunity to Eat Around the World, no passport needed!

We will work with local restaurants and businesses in order to hold a restaurant week game. This allow visitors to receive stamps from the different places and win prizes.  


Discover Miami Puzzle

To go along with the playfulness and mystery of rediscovering Miami, we decided to create a puzzle game.

Enjoy the rediscovery!